Crack Repair- Advice imageCrack Repair- Advice image

Crack Repair- Advice

Surface cracking to imprinted concrete, just like most concrete surface's can sometimes occur. Most of these cracks are just where the concrete has 'dried out' and will remain superfical.

Sometimes more obvious cracking has occured due the following examples of poor workmanship.

  • No expansion joints not being cut into the concrete slab
  • Expansion joints being either not positioned in the right places, insufficent joints being cut or they have not been cut deep enough into the concrete to be effective.
  • Not enough concrete, or the wrong type of concrete being laid.
  • Insufficent sub base material has been used.

In many instances trying to repair fine cracks will only highlight it and attempts at repair are not recommended.

If a repair is required Smartseal can supply fast drying, colour pigmented extra strength concrete crack repair compound in (available in 15 colours).

For optimum results mix the compound with imprinted concrete sealer to form a fast drying extra strong 'paste'  that can simply be worked into the crack with a old credit card or something similar.

For fine cracks sweep crack repair compound dry into crack and seal over with imprinted concrete sealer

For further advice contact our imprinted concrete advice team or call 01268 722505