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Imprinted Concrete Sealer

Imprinted Concrete is the hardest wearing and most durable surface available for driveways and patio's in the UK today.

Laid properly the only maintenance required is a coat of imprinted concrete sealer every few years, but  laid poorly, or not in the right weather conditions  problems can occur.

Smartseal have over 15 years 'hands on' experience working with imprinted concrete sealer and imprinted concrete materials.

Whatever condition your surface is currently, with a little bit of work, and investment in the right materials, there is no reason why it cannot be restored to look nearly look as good as when first laid.

We can help you with minor repairs, re-colouring, peeling sealer and advice on crack repair.

Take a look at our imprinted concrete sealer diy kits which are supplied with everything required for a professional looking finish.

We can give advice and supply all the imprinted concrete sealer & other materials to any person looking to restore their imprinted concrete, or any other type of paving surface.

If the information you are looking for is not available on this website please get in touch.

if you would like a registered Smartseal installer, based locally across the UK to give a FREE quotation, contact our imprinted concrete advice team  or call us on 01268 722505