Peeling Sealer- Advice image

Peeling Sealer- Advice

We sometimes get calls from people with imprinted concrete where the sealer is 'flaky' or 'peeling' in places.

This is generally occurs for one of three reasons

  • The imprinted concrete sealer has been applied in high temperatures resulting in the sealer drying before it has 'keyed or 'bonded' to the surface
  • When the imprinted concrete driveway or patio was washed off not all the 'release agent' was removed, which when applied means the concrete sealer could again not properly bond to the surface
  • To much colour pigment has been added to the imprinted concrete sealer resulting in the sealer being unable to penetrate the concrete slab properly.

Often all the problems above would most visible on traffic-ed areas where the 'warm' car tyres will readily lift the sealer. 

All of these sealer problems can be greatly reduced by 'breaking' and 'thinning' down the existing sealer with liberal amounts of sealer repair fluid being 'scrubbed' into the surface with a sealer broom.

(Amounts of sealer repair fluid required would be dependant on condition of existing surface, but average use would be approx 3-4sq metres per litre)

Before carrying out this type of work for the first time, we would suggest giving us a call on 01268 722505 to talk you through a more detailed remedial process.