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Slippery Driveway- Advice

A common problem experienced by homeowners with a imprinted concrete driveway or patio is a slippery surface. This can often prove to be quite dangerous, and not always easily remedied using conventional methods.

Problems with slippery imprinted concrete driveways or patios generally fall into two categories

1, RECENTLY SEALED SURFACES- When first laid, most companies will apply two coats of acrylic imprinted concrete sealer, this is correct, but may lead to the driveway being slippery for around 6 months. After this period as the 'resins naturally settle down' the problem will gradually  subside, with no corrective materials needing to be applied.

**If something needs to be done short term to reduce the risk of someone hurting themselves by falling over, it is best to throw some sharp sand on the surface, rather than rock salt. This is because rock salt can result in the sealer becoming 'scratched' and damaged, allowing water ingress and surface deterioration.

2, TO MUCH SEALER APPLIED- On older driveways and patios, approx every 3-5 years a top up coat of sealer should be applied to keep the surface in optimum condition, sometimes if the sealer is applied more regularly, or to excess the result can be a slippery, and dangerous surface.

HOW TO SOLVE:- The slip hazard on a imprinted concrete driveway or patio can be greatly reduced by using a combination of sealer repair fluid and anti slip additive.

Step 1, Clean surface thoroughly with a pressure washer and allow to dry.

Step 2, Take a appropriate amount of sealer repair fluid and add 1 to 2 tubs of anti slip additive and stir thoroughly.

Step 3, In dry conditions, with a air temperature in excess of 55 degress apply solution liberally, leave for 1 minute and then'work' into the surface with a broom, until the existing sealer goes 'sticky'. This process will thin down and dilute the existing sealer and allow the anti slip additive to integrate into the sealer resulting in a 'sand paper' type finish to the surface of the imprinted concrete.

Step 4, Allow to dry for 24 hours before vehicular use, can be walked on generally between 1-2 hours. Do not apply any further sealer, any difference in the surface finish should rectify itself with one month.

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