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Surface Whiteness

A common complaint with imprinted concrete is a surface whiteness, salty, misty look, on 99% of occasions this has occured for the following reasons.

  • The concrete slab was not fully dry when the imprinted concrete sealer was applied
  • The sealer became wet through rain or dampness before it had properly dried
  • Or occasionally the wrong type of sealer was applied

Our sealer repair fluid  will solve this problem. Once applied and worked into the existing imprinted concrete sealer with a sealing broom  the repair fluid will 'breakdown' the sealer, release the moisture remove the whiteness and reset.

A fresh coat of Smartseal imprinted concrete sealer will now give the imprinted concrete that just been laid look once more. 

(Dependent on degree of whiteness the sealer repair fluid should applied at a approximate ratio of 3- 4 sq metres per litre)

If you require additional advice regarding surface whiteness to imprinted concrete sealer PLEASE CALL 01268 722505 or contact us online